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  Look and See (Housing)
Destined to those people who come to Argentina to define a probable Relocation. An approach to the City and surroundings will be made, looking around the different residential neighborhoods, visiting some sample houses, shops and leisure areas, providing information about cost of living.
  Look and See (Housing and schooling)
A day will be added to the previous program to visit schools that are suitable for the family.
  Short term house hunting
Orientated to people who are going to stay in Buenos Aires for a short time period (until they find their long term residence, while their personal belongings arrive or for those who are going to stay for a limited period of time only). We guide them through a selection of choices and provide support during all the process, from the execution of the contract till the property take over. We accompany them to look around the area and provide useful information on how to manage in the country.
  Foreign students assistance
Destined to people who travel to Buenos Aires in order to assist to university or any other courses for a short time period. We assist the students with the course and University selection and also with the house hunting.
  House hunting
This program is aimed for people who are going to stay for a long period of time and need assistance for their house hunting. We make a customized selection of the area, properties, we accompany them to a neighborhood looking around and help with all the paperwork and property take over.
This is a program for people who have children and need help and advice to search for a school. We provide information in order to choose the most suitable school, and we take and accompany the client from the first school interview to the uniforms purchase.
  Cross cultural training
Orientated to people who require assistance to understand and learn how to deal with the cultural shock of the moving. We offer the expatriate our expertise and knowledge to make him/her feel “at home”.
  Classes: Spanish and others
For expatriates who require assistance in different educational or cultural areas of any art, discipline, knowledge or any required skill. We help and accompany the person to enroll in the selected place and provide assistance and translation if required.
  Migration and visa documents
Destined to people who need assistance to have their documentation in order.
For those people who are leaving the country. As we can make your arrival enjoyable, we can help you to have a neat and free of stress moving. We organize the process of moving, renting contract termination and services cancellation, final billing payments coordination and assistance with documentation required to depart.